tl;dr: I am currently actively looking for a 6-months internship starting Feb 2018. Unsatisfied? Bookmark this page and come check back later. You may always reach out and surprise me, but you were warned.

The quick brown fox jumps over the right sections: Who am I?, Why did I create this page?, What is my ideal job?, What can I do for you?, Contact me!

Who am I?

My name is Maxime Guerreiro, a student at the University of Technology Troyes, in France. I am studying Systems, Networking and Telecommunications and will have my engineer degree by June 2018. Participation in a 6-months internship is mandatory as my last semester in order to complete my grade.

I am a proud user of open source softwares. This blog is hosted by OVH, on a Debian machine, and powered by the Ghost. I know my stack and I enjoy tweaking it.

Most of my free time is spent building open source projects, like DocBleach. I regularly donate to multiple non profit organizations. Namely the Python Software Foundation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Tor Project. You should think about it, too! They defend our rights, have an impact on our lives and build awesome tools.

Views are my own, and you should respect them. If you can not, please close this tab.

Please to have a look at my resume or LinkedIn profile.

Why did I create this page?

Do not think I crafted this page because I was desperate, it’s quite the opposite. I believe trust can be achieved with transparency. Job openings are publicly available. So is my application. As a company, you know your needs and you are able to match it with my profile — or not. We both save valuable time, and this is awesome.

To be honest, I do not know if this page is going to attract recruiters or repel them, and I really want to know. Did I mention I was curious?

What is my ideal job?

My dream company has the ability to influence the world, thanks to its products but mainly thanks to its employees. The said company empowers them, and does not hold them back. It promotes blogging, giving talks, open-sourcing the solutions built by the teams so that everyone is able to grow out of it. My dream company has a long and thorough application process, allowing both the applicant and the company to validate their choice. My dream company hires in Europe, United States or Japan and leaves me some time to relocate.

My dream job involves Security and a bit of Programing, Systems and Networking. My dream job includes a competitive salary, awesome projects and co-workers (pick three). My dream job happens remotely or at least in a nice city, with trees and water nearby.

Although I enjoy working with Docker and its containers, working in one is not my purpose in life. I hope you understand this!

Some companies I would enjoy working for are Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Cloudflare, GitHub, Dropbox, Slack, Riot Games, Mozilla, Python, HashiCorp and Twitter. Do not worry if you are not in this list, I made this page because I knew your awesome company would not be included. Feel free to contact me so we can work out a solution!

Right now, I am looking for a 24-weeks internship related to Systems/Networking and Security. This internship has to start in February 2018. Bonus: I will be available for hire right after I graduate and you will already have an experience with me, if you see what I mean :)

What can I do for you?

Thanks to the Engineer grade I will have, I can tell you Trust me, I’m an Engineer. Unfortunately, I do not believe this is how things work. ==I believe in well engineered, tested code and well defined architectures.==

In order to achieve this, I do not hesitate to think out of the box when trying to solve problems. Breaking systems and fixing them is part of my day to day life, and it helps me understand why something does or does not work.

Thus, I have a deep understanding of the web’s architecture and related subjects like security (think: XSS, SQLi, OWASP, TLS). I am quite curious and enjoy trying out new technologies like Go, Rust and Kubernetes. I unfortunately lack the professional experience with them, but you are here to help, right?

Thanks to the freelancing company I run, I was able to build production systems for multiple companies using PHP and the web stack, Java and Docker with real time requirements. I was also responsible for monitoring and assuring protection against several classes of attacks (DoS, mainly).

In a nutshell, I enjoy challenges, have a desire to learn and dislike unstable solutions.

Contact me!

Thanks for giving me a chance!

Want to take a closer look at my resume? Feel free to check my resume or LinkedIn profile.

Have an opportunity you would like to share with me? Send me a kind email: In case you really want to catch my attention, send the right payload to me1. Do not forget to include a way to contact you back!

My links, places where you may find me: - Tech blog - Twitter - GitHub

Photo by Caspar Rubin on Unsplash